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Please remember that I am not associated with Tally-Ho in any way other than as a customer.  I'm
puutting info here that is accurate as far as I know.
February 25 2011 - I e-mailed Terry the other day asking how he was and what the status was of Tally-Ho.  This
was is answer:

"As you might know already, I have some serious health problems and have had to sell the prototype and the design
company, and  the drawings are finished. The new owner is Steve Foley of Foley Flight Systems."

February 26 2011 - Received a nice, informative e-mail from Steve.  Since then we have e-mailed back and forth a
couple of times.  Here is his original e-mail in full:

Hi Bruce

Allow me to introduce myself, as Terry mention to you, my name is Steve Foley and I will be taking over Tally-Ho. I
do wish to say with all my soul that I would of preferred under different circumstances. I can assure you though that
the only other person that is as passionate about Spitfires and what Tally-Ho is about, and what my friend Terry has
created, other than Terry himself... is me.

Let me give you a quick history of myself and my connection to Terry and Tally-Ho. Terry and I go back to late 1994
when he and his building partner at that time were constructing the Spitfire that Tally-Ho is based on and I'm sure
you've seen pictures of and read about. I had always wanted a real Spitfire all my life but by that time reality had set
in and it became obvious the only way I could ever afford one was to build a replica, not just any replica, it had to
look and fly like a real one inside and out. Of course there were a number of kits, plans, etc ...out there world wide but
to me they never really caught the right look, feel, smell etc, etc.

Then that year one day I was complaining to a friend of mine about the lack of and what I envisioned should be...well
he said he would take me over to meet a friend of his who may be able to help me in my misery. On first sight of the
Spitfire I knew it was right on and I had to have one, doing whatever it took to get there. Terry was very helpful but I
was sure he had heard the same story hundreds of times over the years. It didn't take long after a few more meetings
with Terry, that with his help I was on my way and learning how to build a Spitfire.

The plan was that I would have access to the aircraft while Terry continued to work on it and any drawings
/measurements etc would be handed over to him while I constructed mine, since they had made very few drawings or
lost most of the few of them over time. To make a long story a little shorter, Terry and his partner completed the
Spitfire and started the test flying, I had also begun construction and was well underway with my fuselage. I was also
involved with the test flying and became even more attached to the Spit and the way it flew and performed
appropriately. By this time Terry had bought out his partner and started exhibiting the aircraft at air shows and events
which I also participated in, including flying the camera plane, usually with passengers lining up to go along, taking
most of the airborne shots you may have seen of Terry flying the Spitfire.

So much for making this short, oh well, I'm talking about Spitfires so there's your first lesson....   

Well I believe the response we got from the aviation and general public upon seeing the Spitfire took even Terry by
surprise, I told him he needed to kit this and pilots would want it and even better if it was affordable. Hence Tally-Ho
Enterprises was formed and Terry really got into the designing/drawings/production/construction end of things which
he is a true master at.

So I like to call his "prototype one" and mine "prototype two". Terry's Spitfire is 100% hand built where mine is also
hand built but does have some of the laser cutting benefits Terry worked threw on, but basically Terry took his and
the best of mine put the two together and you have the drawings which are now complete (with amendments Terry is
always working on). It is this version of drawings of the scaled Spitfire that people will and have already bought and
have been constructing around the world.

Presently Terry's Spitfire is under going a major inspection/overhaul and paint job which my father and myself are
enjoying doing. I am hopeful that we could have it ready to fly for the remembrance day flybys this year ...however
life/work does seem to get in the way at times...but we will have it flying again for all to see!!!

I am planning once Terry's Spitfire is flying again to promote it big time, I will be putting it through some intense
flight testing with all the documentation I can accumulate, along with promoting not just the drawings as a kit to build,
but also the history of the aircraft and the people who flew and worked on Spitfire around the world. I am also
planning that as more and more of the Spitfires are completed and are flying, to promote pilot safety and skills flying
the replica Spitfire ( I want safe pilots and Spifires), along with one day forming a big wing....the ideas are big but so
was Terry's original idea of building a Spitfire that actually looks and flys like one.

Please feel free to contact me anytime and pass the word.

Thank you for your time
Steve Foley
Director/Foley Flight Leasing Inc.
Director of Maintenance/AerSpace Aviation Services Inc.
Spitfire Pilot/Tally-Ho Enterprises

He also sent some great pictures.  Some are of his fuselage, and some are of Terry's original prototype, which he also
owns now, and is working to rebuild and repaint with high hopes of getting it flying soon!
**Correction** I wrote here earlier that Terry's original prototype had been sold to someone else - Turns out it was
Steve!  So now he's got two!
June 26th 2011 - I'm very sorry to have to post here that Terry Wilshire - the
originator and previous owner of Tally-Ho, passed away this last weekend.