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Please remember that I am not associated with Tally-Ho in any way other than as a customer.  
I'm putting info here that is accurate as far as I know.
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Photos from airport
open house in late
showing progress
on rebuild of original
prototype aircraft.
Photos from open house in June 2012.  Steve managed to get the fuselage mated
with the wing and the gear installed. He also has the SB wing fairing in place.  Looks
really good!  Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from Steve about the airshow:

Here are some photo's from our display. Unfortunately we were rained out big time
and it was cold to...we all got soaked including the spit which was a little worrisome
since the inspection panels were open, cockpit etc., and filled the compartments and
bays with lots of water. Mom spent most of her time wiping them out. Last year we
had about 3000 people show up, this year maybe five or six hundred. Very
disappointing, had tons of burgers and hotdogs left over but it was nice to show it
off to some new and old people that braved the weather.
Open house July 2013. Great weather this time. I was able to be there myself and took lots of photos.  These are some of them, Ill
post the rest soon. Note that the port wing fairing is in place and most of the SB. Steve has cut the fairing up into several small
pieces to make it more accurate (also makes it easier to ship). He's also cut the chin cowling into three pieces, again for the sake of
accuracy. The spinner is held in place with a zip tie for now, but really completes the profile nicely!
While trying to decide if the tail wheel was the correct size on the Tally-Ho I superimposed these two photos together. The real Spit is
the MKV "Marion". When I started to do this I realized I had not done this before, and don't know why I never did!  This is a great way
to compare the Tally-Ho to see how accurate it is and to reveal any areas that might be able to be fixed - as far as accuracy. I have to
admit to being surprised and impressed at how well the profile matches an original! It looks like the pilot door, and so that bulkhead as
well, are just an inch or so too far forward.  Even though I'd been told that the tail was enlarged by 16%, you can only see a slightly
larger area on the rudder, while the vert stab looks not only identical, but also the same distance aft. My rudder was made using a profile
form a MKV manual - not the plans, so mine might even more closely match the original. However you look at it though, its pretty
impressive! This does confirm that the tail wheel is a little too large. Also, the angle on the tail wheel strut is much to high.  I've modified
my strut to reduce the angle to be more accurate