Tally-Ho Photos (Page 3)
Please remember that I am not associated with Tally-Ho in any way other than as a customer.  
I'm putting info here that is accurate as far as I know.
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January 15, 2012 - Steve just
sent me these photos that he had
converted from slides. He says
the quality isn't as clear as the
originals, but these are still some
great shots. These are from the
late 80's I believe - from when
the first prototype was originally
finished and flying. That's Steve
getting ready to go out. There
are wheel skirts, they just aren't
attached on any of these shots.
Thanks for these great photos
Steve - gets me motivated to get
out in the shop and get to work
on mine!!!
These are all photos from the original Tally-Ho website which has been off-line for a while. I realized I had
copies of them all and its handy for me to be able to reference them via this website rather than having to
go to my PC to see them, so I thought I could put them up here and share them with everyone also.
Finished Aircraft
CAD Renderings