Empennage (page 11)
January 12th, 2008 4.5 hrs - 123.5 hrs total.  The next step in the plans is to
add the blocking to the trailing spar at each of the hinge points and to the main
and trailling spars at the center section.  Spent about an hour going over and over
in the plans and photos trying to figure out what "center spruce filler block"
meant.  Fianlly decided that the little arrow is pointing to the lightning hole - not
the block itself.  Photos on the web site are of two different prototypes - and
neither of them are very close to the plans.  Had to cut down a large block of
spruce to make the needed stock for the blocks.  Finished the trailing center
block and have rough cut the hinge point blocks.  Very time consuming to fit.
"Center Spruce Filler Block" arrow is actually pointing
to the lightning hole - not the block itself.
Trailing spar center section blocking
Blocking in place on trailing
spar between flanges.
The missing dotted lines on the upper spar drawing
(see below) where the flanges extend over the scarf
joint add to the confusion!
January 13, 2008 3.5 hrs - 127 hrs total.  Cut and sanded trailing spar hinge point blocking to size.  Glued in center
sectin blocking and all but one of the hinge point blocks.  Still need to make the main spar center blocking.  Noticed one
of the jack rib center sections is warped.  Need to try to flatten it with steam before glueing it in place.

January 15th, 2008 1.5 hrs - 128.5 hrs total.  Ripped some stock spruce down to 3/4" slabs and made main spar
center section blocking piece.  Fits very nicely.  Drew lightening holes on piece to cut them out and noticed they are 1"
deeper than the trailing spar lightening holes.  If I cut them they way they are shown on the plans, the jack rub will be
spanning the hole.  If I cut the hole the same as the trailing spar blocking, the jack rib will but flush onto the blocking
piece. You can see the difference in the drawings above.  Both spar drwings are to the same scale. I'm not sure which
way to go?  Guess I'll have to cal Terry again?

January 16th, 2008 1.5 hrs - 130hrs total.  Talked to Terry.  Verified the jack rib should NOT span a litening hole.
Cut filler block with smaller cut out - like the one on the trailing spar.  Will wait to glue in place until I can turn the tail
over so glue won't drip out.  That means the trailing jack ribs will need to wait too.  I might change my mind on this?  
Aligned one of the #6 ribs.  Need to block it, and the other #6 rib in place.  Also verified I need to put 1/16 backing full
span behind spruce blocking on trailing edge spar.

January 17th, 2008 2.5 hrs - 132.5 hrs total.  Glued in last trailing spar filler block.  Ripped some spruce strips to
1/4 X 1/4 and sanded down to 1/4" fillet strips.  Made enough for all the jack rib joints.  Glued fillet strips on front of
main spar at butt joints of nose jack ribs.  Aligned port stab rib #6, made blocking devices and blocked it in place.  
Don't have enough clamps to do the starboard one.  Need to buy a couple more.  Plans say to block all the nose ribs in
place before removing the tail from the ribs.  Still planning a way to this without having to make up 10 custom clamp
jigs and use about 20 clamps.  Talked to Rick with the machine shop today - he is starting to work on the metal parts

January 19th, 2008 3.0 hrs - 135.5 hrs total.  Bought some clamps. Clamped in 2nd #6 rib. Started making blocking
and clamping in nose reibs so I can remove the stab from the jig. Blocking goes very slowly, am going to need even
more clamps!