Empennage (page 13)
February 5th, 2008 0.5hrs - 159.5 hrs total.  Clamped elevator spar web into
jig.  Drilled holes, and installed guide nails in rib notches for aligning flanges on
the web during the glueing process.
February 8th, 2008 0.5 hrs - 160.0 hrs total.  Cut one flange to size and dry
fit.  Picked up some more clamps.  Laid out clamping blocks and preped for
February 8th thru 10th - Took a three day class on fabric covering and painting
using the Stewert System.  Now I know how to cover and paint the control
February 11th, 2008 1.5 hrs -
161.5 hrs total.  Ripped some
stock into correct demensions for
second elevator flange (7/8th X
1/2). Glued in first elevator flange
and clamped down to dry. Flanges
have pretty tight bend at the tip of
the spar. Only glued to last rib
location. After glue dries I'll go
back and glue tips dwon. I didn't
think I would be able to get the
bend in without bending the rest of
the flange out of shape. Once the
glue dries, it shouldn't be a problem
to bend the last part. You can see
the tight bend on the picture
below.  That part is not glued in
First Elevator flange
glued and clamped to
spar web.
Tight angle on tip of elevator spar.  Not glued in yet, just blocked
in place for now while the rest of the flange glue dries.
February 16th, 2008 1.0hrs - 162.5 hrs total.  Steamed the warped mid-section jac rib and elevator trim tab hinge
plate again to see if I could get them flattened out.  Seems to have worked better this time.  Started to set up for
glueing of elevator spar flange tip.
February 17th, 2008 4.0 hrs - 166.5 hrs total.  Glued in jack rib mid section ribs. After they dried cleaned up glue
joints and made half of the needed 1/4in rounded fillets.  Not glued in yet.  Made up clamping systems and dry fit
them all for the elevator tip glueing job.  Went ahead and glued the tip down with the necessary bends.  Looks good!  
Am ready to shape and glue the other flange on now.
February18th, 2008 3.0hrs - 169.5hrs total.  Formed 2nd elevator flange to shape. Glued in place. Found small pitch
pocket in first flange.  Cleaned out and filled with glue.  Glued on the 4 fillets I made last night on the forward end of
the mid-section jack ribs.  Let all glue dry and removed clamps.
Completed Elevator Spar
Jack rib 1/4 round fillets.