Empennage (page 15)
May 25th, 2008 5.0hrs - 214.5 hrs total.  Re-aligned and
re-clamped  tail to work table. Re-aligned and re-clamped elevator to
stabilizer.  Fine adjusted gap between elev and stab by sanding down
spare blocks.  Clamped in wingtip clamping jigs.  Marked and cut off
ends of stab main spar and elevator spar.  Sanded ends of spars and
ends of all ribs to follow contour of edge laminates.  Rechecked
lengths on all ribs for correct length, sanded down as needed.  Went
and bought some 12' X 1" X 2" fir trim stock.  Set up table saw and
ripped them into 1/8" X 1 3/4" strips.  Surprisingly flexible at 1/8"
thick! Dry fit one around wingtip contour with no problem.  
Re-moved and re-cut clamping block between elevator ribs #1 & #2
as called out in instructions to act as starting point for gluing on the
edge laminates.  Distance all the way round is 240" so will need a
scarf joint in each wrap.
Stabilizer clamped to table and elevator clamped to stab with critical gap distance (1 15/16")
manintained by three blocks and wingtip forms.  Note block at bottom of picture.  You can
see the port trim tab hinge plates - this will be the operational tab.  The other will be fixed,
but will be included for authenticity as the original Spitfire had tabs on both elevators.
Edge laminate loosely clamped
around wingtip contour.
Wingtip clamping block with loosely
clamped edge laminate in place.
May 27th, 2008 1.5hrs - 216.0 total.  Verified lengths on the two center stab ribs that appear to
protrude forward about 1/4" too far.  Created scarf joints on four of the laminate strips and glued
them together into two long strips.

May 28th, 2008 3.0hrs - 219.0 total.  Removed strips from gluing clamps, sanded and cleaned up
scarf joints.  Clamped one of the strips all the way around the stabilizer and elevator for dry fit.  Did
final sanding on tips of ribs and spars to shape to contour.  Shortened the jack ribs by about 1/4" to
get them to fit.  Drilled and temporarily tacked first laminate in place.  Cut to length.  Need to prep
for gluing with wax paper then should be ready to glue it on.  Its actually starting to look like part of
an airplane!

May 30th, 2008 - 0 time - doesn't count for work on plane.  Bought a couple of equipment stands,
put them together and brought the band saw and belt/disc sander up from the basement into the
garage.  Re-arranged a bunch of the clamps to try to free up enough for upcoming laminate gluing

May 31st, 2008 6.0hrs - 225.0 total.  Cut and formed all of the backing laminate pieces that go
between the stabilizer ribs behind the first laminate.  Prepped for the glue job by covering anything
that should be glued with wax paper or masking tape. Glued the first laminate all the way around then
glued in all the backing laminate pieces.  Took three batches of glue - the largest glue job I've done
The tail assembly in the photos is clamped to the
table upside down - so my references to port
and starboard sides may seem backwards.