Empennage (page 16)
It takes a lot of clamps
to keep the laminate
layers tight around the
curved profile.
Glueing the
second layer
of laminate to
the back of the
first between
the ribs realy
locks the ribs
in place.
Glueing on the 3rd laminate layer.  Most of the clamping blocks have been removed now.
June 1st 2008 1.5hrs - 226.5 total.  Removed clamps holding on backing laminate layer.  Removed all clamping
blocks from stabilizer section except end blocks.  Sanded down external side of first laminate to prep for next layer.  
Glued 3rd laminate strip all the way around on top of first.

June 11, 2008 2.0hrs - 228.5 total..  Have done a little work off and on over the last few days.  After the 3rd
laminate layer dried, removed all the clamps.  Got out the elevator horn ribs and dry fit them in place.  Found that the
drawings and full size template clearly show the parts - which I made exactly as shown, but the WRITTEN
directions mention "be sure to add 1/4" on all sides" when you make these parts to allow them to be sanded to shape.  
Sure enough they are too small and will have to be re-made.  Would have been nice if that was mentioned somewhere -
ANYWHERE - on the plans!  Have spent quite a bit of time reading over the directions to be sure I clearly
understand whats comming up next.