Empennage (page 18)
June 20, 2008 2.5hrs - 246 total.  Dry fit the endplates again.  Didn't like the fit
of the blocking for the ends of the spars so re-made them. Made up blocking for
backing plate behind leading edge. Preped surfaces and glued in place.
Stab backing plate
and blocking
glued in place.
June 21, 2008 4.5 hrs - 250.5 total. Removed clamps and temporary spacer. Cleaned up broken glue joints on two of
the elevator ribs  where I popped the laminates off accidentally.  Preped them to be re-glued. Sanded #2 elevator rib
trailing edge down a little to make it match the other side of the elevator, looks mutch better now. Cleaned up the
outside of the existing laminates on the elevator, preparred for glueing. Couldn't find anywhere where it clearly stated
how many layers were on the elevator. Called Terry and confirmed it was 2 more - total of 4 - creating a trailing edge
peice 1/2" thick.  Prepared some laminate materail.  Glued on the last two laminate layers on the elevator and clamped
in place.  Also re-glued the two popped glue joints mentioned above.

June 22, 2008 3.5 hrs - 254 total.  Removed clamps from laminates. Cleaned up glue joints at trailing edge of elevator
all around to allow for tight fit of spruce blocking.  Started making blocking for elevator trailing edge. Dry fit the trim
tab ribs.  Looks like a couple of them are too short and will have to be re-made. Am supposed to seperate the elevator
from the stab at this point, but am going to leave them connected until all the sanding and shaping of the spars,
blocking and laminates are complete.
Elevator blocking dry fit on starbord side (assembly is upside down)
June 24, 2008 2.5hrs - 256.5 total.  Rough trimmed laminates on elevator starboard side top and bottom, and port
side bottom, but broke glue joints at three ribs on port side so will wait till blocking is glued in before triming the
rest of the laminates.  Finished making all the blocking for the elevator that can be seen on my version of the plans.  
Terry is sending a new copy with the plywood covering layer hidden so I can see what goes under there.  Will
finish the blocking when I get that drawing.