Empennage (page 19)
June 25, 2008 3.5hrs - 260 total.  Got drawing and made missing
elevator blocking pieces.  All the rest looked a little large. Rechecked
and found them all a little over sized. Cut and sanded them all down to
size and shape. Glued in all elevator blocking.  Used extra glue to go
around and re-seal and touch up some areas with small gaps in the
glue. Got bigger glue cups and put crushed ice in one with a little
water then nest a second cup with the epoxy into the first.  Glue gets
very cold and slightly thick which is easier to work with, and lasts for
about an hour!  Before I would get as little as five minutes before it
would start to bake off.  The longer work time allows me to slow down
and do a much more thorough job of positioning, gluing and clamping
the parts.

June 26, 2008 0.5hrs - 260.5 total.  Removed clamps from elevator
blocking.  Started working on trim tab ribs.  Most are sanded too small
and need to be re-made.
June 27, 2008 1.5hrs - 262
total. Re-made most of the
trim tab ribs from scratch.  
They are all ready now. Need
to put laminate layer between
ribs behind existing laminate to
lock them in place the same as
was done on the stab leading
edge ribs.

June 28, 2008 2.0hrs - 264
total. Cut backing laminate
pieces to shape.  Glued them
in along with all the ribs in both
trim tabs.  One these dry it will
be time to trim all the
laminates and sand everything
to shape.

June 29, 2008 5.5hrs -
269.5 total, Removed clamps
and started sanding. Soon
discovered it was going to take
forever so went and bought a
hand held 3" belt sander.
Finished sanding the bottom
side of the entire stab and
elevator structure. Unclamped
from work table and was able
to lift and turn over the
assembly without any trouble
by myself.  I could lift it easily
with one hand.  Must weight
about 25 to 35 lbs.  Clamped it
back down to the table,
trimmed off some more
laminates with the jig saw then
started sanding and shaping
the top side.  Was getting
tired and starting to make
mistakes so decided to stop for
the night.
Trim tab ribs dry fit. This is the bottom of the staboard side.
Elevator seperated from stabilizer. Sanding laminates to shape.
July 7th 6.5hrs - 276 total. Finished sanding flanges, ribs, and laminates to shape. Hand sanded all
edges, turned tail over and sanded all edges on other side. Shaped laminates at point where
elevator and stab edges line up.  Cut laminates and separated elevator from stab. Clamped both
pieces to table and started shaping the edges now that I can see both sides more clearly. Couldn't
really do it very well with them laying flat. Started making blocking for hinge points on elevator.
Found a point on elevator trailing edge that is sanded too much.  Need to glue some material in
places and sand down to shape.