June 29th, 2007 - 4.5 hours - 15.5 total - Aircraft Spruce order showed up today.  Put the elevator pulleys
together.  Pulleys were rubbing slightly on the brackets.  Bent the tips with the cotter pins outwards a couple of
degrees.  Took care of the rubbing.
Empennage (page 2)
June 27th, 2007 - 0 hours - 11 total - Checked with Terri again to see
where the CNC files were for the cutting shop and found our e-mails
had been trapped in "SPAM Filter Land".  He said he'd get them out
right away.  Had a long discussion about engine options.  He's advising
me to pick up a well broken in (100,000 mile plus) Chevy SB35 steel
engine block if I can find one as they are becoming difficult to locate.  I
was surprised to find I'm supposed to use a steel block, but the nose
evidently needs a lot of weight and its better to put it in the engine
than just a bunch of balast.  Haven't realy decided on an engine yet, but
will check with the local wrecking yards to see what they've got.

June 28th, 2007 - 0 hours - 11 total - Checked with cutting shop and
they have the files!  Scheduled to cut out the wood empannage parts
on  July 2nd.  Will find out in a few days if I'll be building a new
garage/ shop so am waiting on building the tail jig for now.  Sheet metal
should arrive from Aircraft Spruce tomorrow so I will have plenty to
do making fittings for a while.
Tried the nut plates on the trim tab horns and found I had drilled the rivet holes slightly too far apart.  Marked and
drilled new holes.  Clamping them in the vise with rubber jaw inserts caused the primer to slide around and clump up
on the pieces?  Either too much primer, the wrong kind of paint, or it wasn't set up yet? Ground, wire brushed,
sanded and acetoned all the paint off and put on a new lighter coat.  Need to get some solid rivets to fasten the nut
plates on.
Completed Elevator
Re-drilled and re-primed Trim Tab
June 30th, 2007 - 4.0 hours - 19.5 total - Counter sunk new holes in trim tab horns, mounted nut plates with
counter sunk AN rated pull rivets.  Primed with very light coat.  Trim tab horns are finished now.
Completed Trim Tab
Printed out full size templates of all remaining metal parts in empennage.  Planned out how many of each peice and
which thickness of sheet metal to use for each.  Marked and cut out Rudder Horn Stiffner Plate.  Tried spray glue to
hold paper template to sheet metal for cutting, but it moved when clamping down the piece - reverted to tracing with
Sharpee.  Sorted, labeled, and stored extra parts from last Aircraft Spruce order.  Need to place another order for the
rest of the empennage hardware - bolts, nut plates, washers, etc.