Empennage (page 20)
July 13th, 2008 2.5hrs - 278.5 total. Finished making blocking for hinge attach
points on elevator spar.

July 19th, 2008 6.0 hrs - 284.5 total.  Cleaned out elevator flange and spar web
area where blocking will go, removing old dried glue. Glued in elevator hinge point
blocking and small laminate piece on trailing edge of elevator where I got a little
carried away with the belt sander. Went and bought a couple of 4 ft fluorescent
lights and hung up over the work bench. Finished up sanding of stab leading edge.  
Checked profile of ribs and sanded some down a bit to keep airfoil surface
consistent across top and bottom surface of stab. Finished sanding trailing edge
laminates on elevator except for patched ares - glue is still drying. Dry fit elev and
stab end cap.  Stab are OK, but elevator are too small.  Made new ones. Marked
all four for gluing.
Port end of elevator from
the bottom. Shows hinge
point blocking glued in
place and hardwood
backing plate ready to be
glued over it.
Close  up of finished
elevator hinge point
blocking and backing plate
ready to be glued in..
July 20th, 2008 3.5hrs - 288 total.  Removed clamps.  Sanded down elevator hinge point blocking.  Started making
hardwood backing plates.  Sanded down repair to trailing edge laminate. Sanded to shape.

August 25th, 2008 2.5 - 290.5 total. Finished making hardwood backing plates for elevator. Ready to glue them on.
Cleaned up shop. Vacuumed up huge amounts of sawdust.  Re-read instructions and plans.  Can't verify when in the
sequence to put the end plates on the stab and elevator.  Written instructions say put them on now, but drawings say
to wait?  Picked up a spray can of self etching primer for the metal parts.

September 4th, 2008 2.0 - 292.5 total.  Glued hardwood backing plates onto elevator attach points.  Moved the
horiz stab into a storage area in the basement.  Will move the elevator there too, when the glue dries, the clamps are
off, and I've sanded the backing plates to match the spar profile.  Started planning for the fuselage jig.  Am working on
a method to attach it to the floor and still allow me to level it quite a bit.  The garage floor is very uneven. Am
planning to attach a couple of sheets of strand board or plywood to the floor with concrete anchors or even liquid
nails.  Then I could put the jig on the flooring and be able to screw down whatever shims or bracing I end up needing.  
Its starting to get below freezing at night and I still just have an electric heater in the garage.  Will be plumbing in an
area heater to the house boiler within the next few days.  Gotta keep those glues at a nice cozy working temperature!

September 5th, 2008 1.0 - 293.5 total.  Removed clamps, sanded down edges of backing plates to match flange
profiles.  Moved elevator  and horiz stab into basement.  Cleared away working tables from garage to make room for
fuselage jig.  Will be making updates in the Fuselage area now and will come back to these when its time to put the
empenage onto the fuselage.

January 11 2010 - After talking to Terry and reviewing the plans have determined that I used the wrong type of
wood for the filler and backing plates for the elevator, and the wrong wood for the backing plates on the horiz stab. I'll
have to redo some of the finished work before I can move forward with these parts. When I back to working on the
tail again - that is.