Empennage (page 3)
July 1st, 2007 - 6 hours - 25.5 total - Cut out, drilled, and cleaned up
Rudder Horn.  Started rough bend on Back Reinforcement Plate.  Still
need to bend it a bit more to get it to fit right for welding.  Spent a lot
of time setting up new wire brush wheel and polishing/grinding pads.  
Am having a lot of trouble with the holes I'm drilling on my drill press
turning out triangular instead of circular.  Never had this before.  Have
tried multiple bits and clampoing methods.  Don't know if the chuck or
my drill press are loose, maybe poor quality, or if I'm doing something
else wrong.  I'm able to clean up the holes and make them round, but
they end up being slightly larger than they should.  End holes in the
rudder horn are supposed to take 1/4 in O.D. bushings, but the holes in
this piecs are a little bigger than that.  Will have to see how it all works
when I put it together.  Also need to find a shop or someone to do the
welding.  I don't have the tools or the expertise!
Rudder Horn and Back Plate
July 2nd to the 7th, 2007 - 5 hours - 30.5 total - Contacted the local metal cutting shop that has a precision
hydro-cutter, took by all the plate metal pieces I'd bought.  They said they should have them cut by Tuesday 7-10.  
Only having them do the parts associated with the empennage right now.  Went by the local aircraft parts store and
got some more of the hardware pieces - bolts, nuts, etc. There were several items they didn't stock so did another
Aircraft Spruce order for the remaining items.  Have fouund a couple of minor mistakes on the plans where the wrong
part number is given, or certain required information isn't provided.  Takes quite a bit of on-line research and refering
to different sections of the plans to identify the part numbers for the exact parts needed.  Still waiting on the bank to
see if I'll be building a new garage/shop so am not starting the tail jig yet as I might not have anyplace to put it for a
while!  Also waiting on the wood cutting shop as they are all out of town for the 4th of July holiday.  Talked briefly
to a local EAA memeber who runs a small fabrication and machine shop about doing the welding.   I might be able to
use his services when it come to the landing gear also - which are very complex and almost totaly scratch built.
July 11th, 2007 0 hours - 30.5 total - Picked up the water cut mteal parts for the shop.  They are cut extremely well.  
I've contacted the EAA/machine shop guy who says he should be able to do the welding and bending that I need.  He's
also interested in helping with the landing gear.  I havn't cleaned up the metal pieces yet.  If you look closely at the
photo you can see some very small tabs that the shop had to leave on the small parts so they wouldn't loose them in
the cuting machine.  Also have decided not to build a shop/garage right now, so now I will need to figure out where I
can biuild the jig for the tail?
Hydro-cut steel parts for the empennage