Empennage (page 4)
August 9th, 2007 - 1 hours - 31.5 total - Gave all the metal parts to
Rick Crisenbery - the local EAA guy with a machine shop I mentioned
earlier.  He started working on bending and welding the peices and found
a lot of very small mistakes with the specs on the drawings and the CNC
files.  The elevator and rudder hinge brackets don't allow enough material
for any bend radious and still position the hinge centerline far enough
away from the base of the bracket.  Rick will make me seven new
elevator brackets, and use three of the old elevator brackets to make the
rudder hinge brackets - as there is enough material to modify them into
rudder brackets.  There are several inconsistancies between specs for the
same parts on different drawings.  Nothing that can't be overcome, but it
takes quite a bit of searching and e-mailing back and forth with Terry to
get it figured out.  The forward elevator horn bracket that is the base and
pivot point for the foward elevator horn shows one set of holes round
and the other as a slot to allow for alignment.  Unfortunatley the CNC
files show all of the holes as slots - so that's how they were cut by the  
hydro-cutter.  I may be able to salvage the parts by drilling them out to
round holes and using larger bolts?  Need to check on that.
Welded Rudder and Elevator Horns
Rick brought by the completed elevator and rudder horns.  They need to be cleaned up, descaled, and primed.  Also,
Rick pointed out that all of the holes are slightly under sized.  He thinks the cutting shop might have done that on
purpose to allow me to size the holes myself.
Close up of hydro cut Elevator Horn
Novemer 18th, 2007 - 2 hrs - 33.5 total  Started cleaning up the rudder and elevator horns.  Cut some of the wood
pieces for the empennage jig. Talked to Rick about an ETA on the rest of the parts I gave him to do. Studied the full
size temmplate plans for a while to plan how to lay the parts out on the plywood to cut them out.

November 23rd, 2007 - 5.5 hrd - 38.5 total  Transfered full size templates to wood by cutting out and tracing
pattern. Cut out Horiz Stab Main and Rear Spars and Elevator Spar, two peices each that will need to be scarf jointed
together.  Cut out all 12 ribs.  Trimed and sanded to shape.  Matched ribs left to right in pairs and sanded to exact
same shape.  Made up scarf joint jig, but don't want to cut joint till I've got the glue and am ready to make the joint.  
Peices cut so far don't have internal cut outs such as slots in spars for rib nose tabs, or lightning holes in ribs done yet.

November 24th, 2007 1.5 hrs - 40.0 total.  Cleaned up workbench.  Laid out and traced Jack Ribs (4ea), Elevator
Trim Tab Spar (2ea), Elevator End Caps - Inboard(4ea) and Outboard(4 ea).  Cut out remaining  elevator nose rib
patterns. Still have a few more peices to trace onto 1/8" stock.

November 25th, 2007 1.0 hrs - 41.0 total.  Traced Elevator Nose Ribs and a few other misc parts onto wood.

November 29th, 2007 2.0 hrs - 43.0 total.  Cut out a sanded to shape all elevator nose ribs, trim tab ribs, and all end
cap ribs.  Have finished cutting out and shaping everything for the horiz stab and elevator.  Still need to notch the
various spars to accpet all  the ribs.  Still need to cut and shape lightning holes in ribs.  Bought some epoxy, thickner
and epoxy pumps today.  Sticker shock on the pricing!