Empennage (page 5)
December 1st 2007 - 2.0 hrs - 45 hrs  total - Started drawing the
lightening holes onto the stab ribs.  Also drawing the  cut lines to seperate
the ribs and elevator.  Found best way to get acurate positioning when
transfering drawing to wood is to tape the paper pattern on the wood
piece then use a tack or fine nail to poke through the paper and leave a
small hole in the wood.  Then pull off the paper and finish drawing the
shape.  For the circles I've been using a compass since I can't find my
circle template.  Seems like every lightening hole is just a slightly dfferent
size from the rest!  I don't think I'll find hole saws the right size for many
of them and will end up finishing them to size with a spindle sander.
December 3rd 2007 - 1.5 hrs - 46.5 hrs total.  Finished marking all the
ribs for cutting
December 4th 2007 2.0 hrs - 48.0 hrs total.  Traced out more lightneing
holes and slots on remaining hirzi stab and elevator parts.  Cut a couple of
trial slots in trim tab spar.  Started  the slot with a punch tool, then used
reem bit in dremmel tool to make the slot.  Works pretty good!
The realy manual method - cut out the template and trace it on the wood.
Rough cutting the horiz stab spars before trimming
with band saw and finsihing with belt sander.
Drawing the lightening holes on the horizontal stabilizer ribs