Empennage (page 7)
December 8th 2007 4.5 hrs - 56.5 hrs total.  Finished cutting
lightening holes in ribs.  Still 4 small ribs that I haven't cut out
yet that go in the HS and Elevator tips, but all other ribs are

December 13th, 2007 2.0 hrs - 58.5 hrs total.  Out at
Steve's shop, made the tail jig.  Once we completed it we
started trying to determine what it will be used for and can't
really tell from the instructions? It is supposed to be absolutely
square, flat and straight - which it is, but I can't see how it will
be used as nothing appears to touch or be clamped to anything
but the base? Guess I'll find out when I use it.
All the ribs (except four that go in the tips) , the spars (less the fir strips),
and trim tabs.  I've got the drum set in the photo to give an idea of size.
Trim tab pieces trial fit and tab hinge plates.
December 26th, 2007 4.0hrs - 62.5 hrs total. Santa brought me a band saw, a scroll saw, and
a combo belt/disc sander! Spent about 2 hours re-aranging my "shop" area to accomodate the
new tools - and putting them together. With the scroll saw I was able to cut the slots in the trim
tab hinge plates. Trial fit is very good.  Used saw and sander to clean up the trim tab parts. Spent
some more time studying the plans. Tabs are built into elevator and cut loose after trailing edge
laminates are done.
December 27th, 2007 3.0hrs - 65.5 hrs total. Startied cutting the ibs apart into nose, center and
elevator sections. Discovered I needed to make an extra set of #3 elevator ribs for trim tab actuator
anchor. Made those, and started sanding ribs that have been seperated.  Putting a small radius on
the lightening holes, leaving other edges square to maximize glue contact areas.  All #3 ribs
seperated and sanded. #2 seperated and partialy sanded.
December 28th, 2007 5.0hrs - 70.5 hrs total. Finished cutting the ribs apart. Finished sanding
them all - sanding all those lightening holes by hand took forever! Laid out spars and marked the slot
locations - still need to cut those out.  Sanded the spars. Still need to cut out the ribs that go on
the elevator tips and some filler ribs that go in the elevator - but those will have to wait till its partially
assembled in the jig. Steve is unavailable for about a week, so I will go get the jig and lumber from
him tomorrow so I can keep working. Will try to make the scarf joints once the rib slots are done.