Empennage (page 9)
January 3rd, 2008 2.0 hrs - 90.0 hrs total.  Removed spar from clamps,
cleaned up, sanded.  Its surprisingly light and strong.  No wonder they
make spars like this!  Cut and glued other flange onto spar.

January 4th, 2007 2.5 hrs - 92.5 hrs total.  Removed main spar from jig,
cleaned up jig, covered with wax paper, aligned and clamped trailing spar
down, drilled nail holes, installed jig nails, glued first flange in place.  
Finished cutting out 2nd tip form/clamping guide.

January 5th, 2007 4.5 hrs - 97.0 hrs total.  Glued second flange onto
trailing edge rib.  Traced, cut out, cut lightning holes, and sanded last
remaining ribs for stab and elevator from 3/8 in plywood.  Still need to try
to straighten elevator spar - or remake it, then glue flanges on it.  I now
have everything ready to start assembling the stab.  Since I'm so anxious to
get something made that looks like part of an airplane I'll probably go
ahead and make the stab and finish up the elevator when the stab is done.
Elevator endcap and horn ribs - last four
ribs needed to finish the empennage.
Dry fit of most of the stab parts in the jig
Plans say to spread the flanges slightly to
allow for proper contouring when sanding the
flanges to match rib profile, however this
creates a gap between the flanges and the ribs!

Plans also have the rib too short to reach into
the provided slots.  Plans say 7/8", but needs
to be 1".
Rib tab as shown on plans and full size template is 7/8", but needs to be 1 inch!
January 6th, 2007 6 hrs - 103 hrs total.  Mounted jig on sawhorses, braced to wall, made extra floor braces to allow
shimming and further bracing. Leveled it out and braced.  Put down wax paper, clamped trailing spar in place and
aligned.  Trial fit the middle section ribs and was shocked to find the tabs are too narrow AND too short.  The full
size plans clearly show the tabs at 7/8" long, but the flanges themselves are 7/8" so its impossible for them to rest on
the flanges and still proturude into the spar slots?  Also the plans say to spread the flanges on the spar webs slightly
to allow for contouring to match the rib profiles.  I spread them abot 1/16" to 1/8" on each side.  This causes the ribs
to not fit! I will Call Terry in the morning and ask him if I have to re-make all 10 center section ribs or if I can use
some blocking to make the exisitng ribs work. Either way it looks like the plans have a mistake in them! Very