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August 2008 - I was able to spend some time talking with Mike O' Sullivan of Supermarine Aircraft at their booth at Oshkosh this year.  His company makes a couple of absolutely beautiful, all-metal
Spitfire replicas.  He also makes their custom built powerplants available to builders who may want to use them on different airframes.  He has announced an engine package based on the Chevy LS2 V8
small block, normally aspirated, that should put out about 430HP.  I think he said they were also working on a supercharged version of this package, but I'm not sure.

I like the idea of a complete, proven, "firewall-forward" solution for a couple of reasons.  First, I don't have a lot of experience with building or maintaining engines, and feel safer leaving this rather critical
portion of the aircraft to someone who knows what they are doing!  Second, purchasing a complete package should save me a whole lot of time!

February 2012 - I went to visit the Supermarine shop in Texas to get a look at the engine.  Click on this link to go to Spitfire Photos Page 2 where I wrote up a few of my impressions.
One of Supermarine Aircraft's engine kits.  These photos are of  their new Chevy
LS2 V8 package including the PSRU.  This is the one I'm planning to use though I
will need to use different exhaust stacks to maintain an authentic look for a MK1.
(Click on either photo or link in text below to go to the Supermarine Aircraft engine page)
Second Thoughts...Changing my Mind?
Titan Aircraft makes a line of auto engine conversions and are less expensive than the setup from Supermarine  They make an all aluminum
3/4 scale P-51 and have several engine and prop options.  Here's a couple shots of the P-51 with their V8 auto engine conversion.
From Oshkosh 2015