October 1, 2008 2.0hrs - 306.5 total.  Fine trimmed the 15 fence peices to exactly 6" wide.  They are all still about
1/8" too long. Need to clamp them together in a pile and sand down the last little bit to get them to exact size - 40"
long. Was hoping to avoid this, but the plans call out locations of various holes and cutouts via reference from all the
sides, so I have no choice.  Have most of the parts cut out now except for the long side rails.  Haven't been able to find
a source for the 9ft X6"X1/2" particle board.  I've got some 1", but not 1/2". Still looking.

October 3, 2008 0.5hrs - 307.0 total.  Clamped fence peicees to gether and sanded the stack to length. Now they are
all exactly the same size.  Have given up on finding 1/2" particle board longer than 8ft.Picked up a peice of 3/4"
18"X12ft particle board.

October 4, 2008 10.5hrs - 317.0 total.  Finished sanding stack of fence peices to size. Marked them all with center line
and other measurements while they were still stacked together.  Measured and cut the verticle support peices. Went
out and bought a bunch of nuts and bolts for the jig. Took the long particle board out to my carpenter friend's house
and had him cut it to size for the side rails.  Back at home I cut out the side rail splice pieces.  Then I drilled  out the
legs for the extension plates I came up with that will allow me to level the legs. Assembled the legs.  Marked and drilled
the lower side rails.  Set them on the legs for the photo. Assembled the lower leg extensions.
Fuselage (page 1)
Sept 9, 2008 2.5hrs - 296.0 total.  Picked up
plywood, paticle board and fiberboard for fuselage
jig.  Need a peice of 1/2" particle board 9ft loong.  
Can't find it in town.

Sept 12, 2008 2.0 hrs - 298 total.  Started cutting
up wood to make jig. Studied plans some more.

Sept 14, 2008 4.5 hrs - 302.5 total.  Continued
cutting out parts for jig.  Came up with a plan for
leveling the legs of the jig on the very uneven garage
floor.  Will put some pictures of it in when I get
them set up.
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
Leg adjustment extension
Sept 15, 2008 1.0hrs - 303.5 total.  Set up shop area and table saw
to cut the bulkhead fence peices.  Measured and re-calculated cuts
from material.  Ready to make when I can get someone to help with
the large material.

Sept 30, 2008 1.0hrs - 304.5 total. Got some help and cut the fence
peices to rough shape.
I wanted to get a picture of the garage/shop
before I started on the fuselage as I think it
will be along time before it will be empty
The jig legs assembled and set in
approximate position and the lower side
rails resting on them. The rails will end
up on the outside of the leg sections.
October 5, 2008 6.0hrs - 323.0 total.  Leveled up the legs and side peices.  The leveling extensions work great! The
wing nuts make them very easy to use. Clamped and drilled the legs. Removed rails, glued, then clamped and bolted in
place.  Screwed and glued end peices in place.
October 6, 2008 2.5hrs - 325.5 total.  Squared and
levelled  up base again.  Marked floor where legs go.
Glued and screwed decking onto jig base.
October 7, 2008 1.0hrs - 326.5 total. Found upper
rail joint plates were slightly oversized. Trimed them
to shape then vacumed up the shop a bit. Starting
measuring and marking upper rails for cutouts.  They
have to be very precise so its taking some time to get
them right.
October 8, 2008 1.0hrs - 327.5 total.  Continued
marking rails for cutouts.
October 11, 2008 6.5 hrs - 334.0 total. Finished
marking rails. Bought a cutoff/miter saw to cut the
notches. Had to finish nothces off with hand held
scroll saw. Drilled and bolted on splice plates. Bought
a peice of 1/4 aircraft plywood to start laying out the
Jig base completed with upper rails and
vertical supports layed out on top