Fuselage (page 10)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
May 15 2009 2.5hrs - 543.5 total.  Had the project
under tarps in the garage for the last 2 1/2 months for
various reasons one of which was a potentialy leaky
roof. Didn't want to risk getting any of the parts wet.
Have started up again. Removed tarps.  Put tools and
extra parts back on shelves. Cleaned up jig work area.
Continued shaping the bottom stringer nothces in the
May 16 2009 2.0hrs - 545.5 total. Finished shaping the
bottom notches. I might need to buy some more clamps
before I can glue the bottom longeron in place.
May 17 2009 4.0 hrs - 549.5 total. Glued in bottom
longeron and BH-11 to top longeron.
May 18 2009 3.5 hrs - 553.0 total. Removed clamps from bottom longeron. Cleaned up jig table. Removed alignment
strings and staples from bulkheads. Repositioned lower cross bracing to allow fitting of longerons. Started laying out
spruce stock for lower-mid longerons and upper-mid longerons. Will need to buy some more long pieces of spruce. Cut
extra length from ends of top and bottom longerons now that they are glued in place I can safely remove the extra.
Used these scraps to begin to shape longeron notches (see photo below) The plans state to leave some extra in the
notches until you are ready to fit the longerons. Now I need to get them all to shape.
Bottom longeron glued in place
Preparing to shape bulkhead notches to receive longerons.
May 19 2009 2.5 hrs - 555.5 total. Visited hardwood shop and ordered the spruce for the longerons. They said it
might be a couple of weeks.  Mights just pick p the stock and rip it myself. Mounted BH5 (firewall) and BH8 into
jig, aligned with laser level and clamped in place. Will need to add extra bracing for the bottom side of them. Started
shaping  BH notches. Will be difficult to get the needed shape without the actual longerons. Looks like I'll either
need to rip the spruce myself or work on something else.
May 26 2009 0.5 hrs - 556.0 total. Hardwood shop still hasn't cut the wood. Went and picked up 2ea 10ft 2X10
spruce stock.
May 27 2009 3.0hrs - 559.0 total. No room in the garage/shop so had to move table saw into driveway. Ripped
stock into 1X1s. Some longerons are more than 10ft long so I'll need to make some scarf joints to get everything to
work out.