Fuselage (page 11)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
May 31 2009 4.5hrs - 563.5 total. Worked on shaping  
BH longeron notches. Added bracing to BH 5 and 8 as
well as more cross bracing to the jig to handle the
significant side loads it takes to get the stringers to
conform to the fuselage profile. Double checked jig
alignment and BHs with laser level. Also realized that I
should have installed the main diaphragm into BH-12
before I glued the BH in. Should still be able to get it
installed, but upon trying a dry fit I found that it is too
short. Double checked the plans against the template
and found that the template is 1 inch too short! E-mailed
Terry the info so he can fix the template.  Will need to
re-make the two main diaphragm pieces. Shuffled my
wood stock around so I could get to the 1/2" plywood.
June 1 2009 3.5 hrs - 567 total. Layed out and cut our replacement main diaphragm pieces. Dry fit, marked, and
sanded to nice fit.  Still need to shape inner profiles.  Outer edges are left over sized to be sanded to match fuselage
profile after being glued to bottom of lower main longeron.
Top piece is cut to match provided template. Bottom piece is the correct size and fits in
nicely. Top piece is about an inch too short with BH notches proportionately displaced.
New main diaphragm pieces dry fit into place - without splice plate.
June 20 2009 3.5 hrs - 570.5 total. Cut tapers and scarfs into lowest pieces of lower main longereon - for both sides.
June 23 2009 1.0hrs - 571.5 total. Continued cutting longeron piece scarf joints.
June 27 2009 4.0hrs - 575.5 total. Finished cutting all pieces for lower main longerons - both sides. Sanded scarf
joints and verified dry fit. Set up for glueing. Glued scarf joints. Also brought the elevator out of storage and touched
up some gaps in the edge laminates.
June 28 2009 7.0hrs - 582.5 total. Sanded epoxy touch ups on elevator. Brought horiz stab out of basement and hung
up in shop with elevator. Cleaned up scarf glue joints. Dry fit starboard lower longeron pieces and marked for taper
cuts at ends of upper pieces. Removed all parts. Cut tapers, sanded tapers, scarfs, and all rough sides. Used hose
clamps and clamping blocks and clamped all four pices of S.B. lower mid longeron together. Started shaping BHs to
accept longeron. Had to remove some bracing to get parts in. Have dry fit from firewall back to BH-11.
June 29 2009 1.5hrs - 584.0 total.
Worked on dry fitting longeron
further back along fuselage. Am back
to BH-15 now on SB side. Requires a
LOT of force to get longeron to bend
into notches! Had to move some of
the temp bracing around.
July 3 2009 3.5hrs - 587.5 total.
Continued dry fitting SB longeron.
Bought some ratchet straps to help
hold it in place on bulkheads. Having
to use a LOT of force to bend AND
twist the longeron to fit into the
notches. Some of the BHs have
warped under the pressure so I've had
to clamp stiffners to them. Only the
last two 1/8 BHs left to go.
Starboard Lower-Mid longeron being
dry fit. Looking forward from BH-14.
July 5 2009 4.5hrs - 592 total. Finished fitting longeron to last
two BH 22 & 23. Noticed 23 as vert stab post should have
flanges. Pulled BH-23 from jig and set up for glueing on flanges.
Bought an electric kettle and steamed the end of the longeron -
works great and makes it much easier to bend! Started laying
out peices for port lower longeron.