Fuselage (page 12)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
July 6 2009 6.0hrs - 598.0 total. Cut and glued flanges
onto BH-23. Removed main diaphragm and sanded to
shape along with splice plate. Re-installed and glued
forward section into notches in BH-8. The rest of the
main diaphragm will be glued to the bottom of the
longeron - once its installed. Glued the top two
starboard longeron laminates together and the bottom
two laminates - now just need to glue these two sections
together and starboard lower mid longeron will be ready
to install (after cleaning up the glue and sanding a bit).
July 7 2009 4.5hrs - 602.5 total. Removed clamps from
BH-23 and sanded outer edges of flanges to profile of
BH. Removed clamps from both longeron sections and
glued them together - finishing the longeron other than cleaning up the glue and sanding it a bit. Clamped all four
laminates of port longeron together and started shaping the bulkheads to recieve it. The bottom longeron laminate is
over 16ft long.  In my little garage/shop its very difficult to move it from the workbench top - up into the jig for
fitting, then back down own the table for glueing, etc.!
Starting to dry fit port lower-mid longeron. Note using hose clamps to
temporarily hold laminates together.
July 9 2009 3.5hrs - 606 hrs total. Sanded starboard lower-mid longeron. Its now ready to be glued in place. Have
decided to wait and glue both longerons in at the same time, moving back one bulkhead at a time, alternating sides, to
minimize any buildup of stress on any one side. Continued initial dry fitting of port longeron.
Starboard lower mid-main longeron ready to be glued in place. (looking forward)
July 11 2009 4.0hrs - 610 hrs total. Marked final location for port lower mid-mail longeron taper cuts on laminates.  
Removed top three laminates from clamps. Cut and sanded to shape.  Also sanded taper on remaining lowest piece.
Sanded all four laminate pieces to prepare for glueing. Re-assembled pieces and finished shaping bulkhead notches to
receive longeron. Port dry fit complete. Now need to get it back down onto the table so I can glue the pieces together!
July 13 2009 2.5hrs - 612.5 total. Moved port longeron down onto table and preped for glueing. Started glueing, glue
started to dry before I was ready to clamp. It was 85 in the shop and I had a fan going. Turned off the fan and had to
quickly mix up another batch. Finished glueing and clamped bottom two laminates.
July 14 2009 2.0hrs - 614.5 total. Removed clamps from bottom two laminates, glued top two laminates together.
Also glued two halves of main diapghram together along with splice plate. I've been worried about stresses in the
structure from bending the wood under pressure and glueing them in place with the stress still there. Decided I should
try to relieve the stress by steaming the stressed peices. Steamed the top longeron at the point of most bend.