Fuselage (page 13)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
July 15 2009 4.5hrs - 619.0 total. Removed clamps
from last nights glue jobs - main diaphragm and upper
two longeron laminates. Glued top two laminates to
bottom two laminates on port lower longeron. Started a
final dry fit of the starboard lower main longeron and
steamed and clamped longeron as I went along, bulkhead
to bulkhead clamping it into place. Had to go buy more
clamps. Will leave it overnight and pull the clamps
tomorrow to see if it will hold the new shape from the
steaming process.
July 16 2009 6.5hrs - 625.5 total. Removed clamps
from port longeron. Sanded off all glue drips and preped
for final dry fit. Moved it back up into the jig and
replaced the removed bracing.  Added some more bracing in preperation for glueing in both lower main longerons.
Removed some of the clamps from the starboard longeron. Not as much curve memory in the piece as I had expected.
Sanded off front portion of main diaphragm were it protuded through the notches in BH-11.
July 17 2009 - 2.5 hrs - 628.0 total. Glued in starboard lower main longeron as far back as BH-13. Glued port
longeron in back to BH-11. Had to put small wedges of spruce filler into small voids in bulkhead notches as described
in the instructions.
July 18 2009 1.0hrs - 629.0 total. Removed clamps from longerons.  Started cleaning up glue and extra material from
wedges and shims. Dry fit starboard side of main diaphragm onto bottom of longeron.
July 19 2009 3.0hrs - 632.0 total. Glued in the rest of the starboard longeron all the way back except for the BH-22
and 23.  They are 1/8" plywood and part of the vert stab and I don't have them in their final position in the jig yet.
July 20 2009 4.5hrs - 636.5 total. Removed clamps. Cleaned up glue and wedges/shims. Found one BH that needs a
shim, cleaned out the joint and made a shim, will glue in during next glue job. Started steaming and forming port lower
longeron into dry fit on bulkheads and clamping in place.  Have the last few BHs to go then will be ready to finish
glueing it in (its already glued in on first three BHs).
Starboard lower main longeron glued in place. (Looking Aft)
Port lower mid longeron being steamed and clamped
into place during final dry fit.(Looking Aft)
July 21 2009 2.5hrs - 639.0 total. Finished fitting all nothces for port lower longeron.  Steamed all sections, ready to
glue in.  When I was steaming up close to one of the previous glue joints, the joint just popped apart!  I was exremely
concerned that I had compromised the glue joints, and as I had steamed most of the joints, that I had compromised
most of the glue joints! I called the epoxy manufacturer - West Systems - they talked to me for almost an hour and
told me everything was fine and promised to send a packet of information about their products.