Fuselage (page 14)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
August 29 6.5hrs - 645.5 total. Recieved
packet from West Systems and read thoroughly.
Wow! Sure wish I would have read the
instructions before! One major point is that I can
use thicked epoxy to fill in the gaps in the
notches rather than having to make shims out of
spruce. Much easier and much stronger! Also,
the thickened epoxy can be used to add filets
around the peices, where I have been trying to
do so with regular epoxy and it has always either
been soaked up or dripped off.
So with my new found knowledge I prepped the
popped glue joint and the remaining notch on
the starboard side that needed a shim then
glued in the port lower main longeron,
Notch in BH with gap filled in with thickened epoxy. This joint is cured, but not cleaned
up and sanded yet. Gap is boout 1/8". Also notice the slight filet.
August 30 2009 5.0 hrs - 650.5 total. Removed clamps form port lower main longeron. Have not
glued in last two bulkheads on either side yet as they are made from 1/8" ply rather than 1/4 like
the rest and the lower main longerons both have to twist and bend quite a bit to fit them.Started
to dry fit them and as they are the main ribs in the vertical fin - including being the vert stab post,
decided this would be a good time to recheck the alignment of the jig and everything in it. Set up
the laser level to scan down the top of the fuselage and realigned a couple of errant bulkheads.  
Nothing too major, just a couple of new cross braces. Got the two BHs mounted to the fences and
all clamped and strapped where they need to go. Steamed both longerons where they need to
twist quite a bit. Have everything ready to be glued in.  Also started to prep main diaphram to be
glued in.
September 2 2009 3.0hrs - 653.5 total. Made bevelled wood filler strips to go between main
diapragm and lower longerons. Cleaned up surfaces and tools in preperation for glueing in main
September 3 2009 4.5hrs - 638.0 total. Wiped down all surfaces to be glued with wet cloth.
Wetted down all surfaces with normal epoxy then mixed up a batch of thickened epoxy and glued
longerons into BHs 22 and 23.  Started glueing in main diaphragm. In retrospect I should have made
the beveled shims a little tighter fitting as I ended up having to use a lot of thickened epoxy to fill in
the voids.  Had to mix up a 3rd batch - made this one double - and it was barely enough to finish
with. I had it out of the normal nested cup of ice water and it started to bake off. Quickly put it in
the ice, which stoped the bake off, but it became very thick due to the bake off and the fact that
it was now cold from the ice. Made it very difficult to get it into all the nooks and cranies.  Am afraid
I might have some air voids in a couple of the joints.  May require some filling later.
September 4 2009 3.0hrs - 641.0 total. Removed clamps, sanded down main diaphragm glue
joints, cleaned up drips and spills. The epoxy actualu leveled itself very well and filled the voids I was
worried about. Using the thickend epoxy has made a huge difference in how I prepare the pieces to
fit and how I do the gluing itself. Much easier, faster, and less stress. Cut off end of lower main
longerons where they protruded past last bulkhead and sanded flush. Removed some bracing and
moved and added some more where it will be needed for the upper main longeron install. Cleaned
up a little. Ready to start on the upper main longerons.
September 5 2009 2.5hrs - 643.5 total. Started enlarging notches in bulkheads to accept upper
main longerons. Finished starboard side and started on port side.
September 6 2009 2.0hrs - 645.5 total. Finished shaping BH notches on port side.  Ready to start
building the upper main longerons.
September 7 2009 6.5hrs - 652.0 total. Vacumed up the entire shop including thefuselage. Put
down new wax paper on jig table top for layoup of longerons. Made a new scarf cutting jig that
allows me to clamp the peice being cut to the jig and has a line indicating where the cut will start.
Cut all pieces for starboard upper main longeron including scarf joint in upper piece. Glued and
clamped them all.
September 8 2009 3.5hrs - 655.5 total. Removed clamps from starboard main longeron and
moved it to top of jig for temporary storage while I build the other one. After it is sanded down I'll
still need to cut the forward section into 1/2" strips to allow it to make the fairly intense compound
curve up to the firewall. This bend is needed to allow for the door on the port side.  The same
bend is put into the longerons on both sides of the fuselage to equalize the stresses. If this was a
Hurricane, the longerons could just be nice and straight!.Cut all the pieces for the port upper main
longeron and laid it out on the wax paper, ready to be glued.
September 9 2009 2.0hrs - 658.0 total. Glued and clamped port upper main longeron together
on worktable.