Fuselage (page 15)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
September 10 2009 2.5hrs - 660.5 total. Removed
clamps from port longeron. Sanded both longerons down.
Had to move a bunch of plywood and tools to get garage
door open so I could get the newly assembled longerons
in place in the jig for a dry fit. Port longeron fits nicely.
Starboard notches need just a little tweaking. Marked
both longerons for cutting the forward sections into
September 11 2009 3.5hrs - 664.0 total. Shaped
starboard notches a little more. Cut strip notches in both
longerons. Put them back in place for final dry fit.
September 13 2009 3.0hrs - 667.0 total. Re-aligned
BH-22 & 23 with laser level. Glued in starboard longeron
from BH-11 to 21.
Port and starboard upper main longerons being dry fit.
Slots cut in upper main longerons to allow compound bend. Slots will be filled with
laminate strips of 1/8 plywood.