Fuselage (page 16)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
September 15 2009 1.0hrs - 668.0 total. Removed
clamps from starboard upper main longeron. Clamped
and steamed longeron at BH-22 and 23 to conform to
needed twist. Ready to glue in now.
September 16 2009 3.0hrs - 671.0 total.  Glued in port
upper main longeron from BH-11 to 23.  Glued starboard
upper main longeron into BH 22 and 23. Now they are
both glued in from BH-11 all the way back to the fin
post. Now for the ugly curvy part from BH-11 forward
to the firewall.
September 17 2009 2.5hrs - 673.5 total. Removed
clamps, removed back portion of jig from about BH-18
back. Clamped horiz stab in place just to see how it
would look.
Back portion of jig removed. Horiz stab clamped in place just to see how it looks.
Horiz stab clamped in place. I leaned a piece of scrap on the top of
the fin ribs to get an idea of how it will look. The actual fin leading
edge will be laminated and curved to the appropriate profile.
September 18 2009 0.5 - 674.0 total. Went to the hardwood shop and found some birch plywood the correct
thickness to make the laminating strips for the longeron slots.
September 19 2009 2.0 - 676.0 total. Rechecked the plans again about the "hardwood backing plates" for the horiz
stab and the elevator. Found that the elevator actually calls for hardwood blocks at the attach points - not just backing
plates. I have spruce blocking and birch plywood backing plates. Both wrong. Haven't figured out how I'm going to fix
this yet.  The horiz stab only wants the backing plates so I will be able to sand of the birch plywood and put maple or
oak in place. Moved table saw out into driveway to give me enough room to cut the plywood strips for the laminates.
Cut the needed 14 strips. Tried a dry fit on a couple of them. They will work fine but will need to be sanded down just
a little for the first 2 or 3 inches where they go into the beginning of the slots.
September 20 2009 6.5 - 682.5 total. Shaped the ends of the laminate strips ti fit the curve angle in the end of the
notches, also sanded in a slight taper. They fit very nice now. Covered some clamping stips with wax paper. Went
through entire dry run of glueing both longerons to get all clamps, straps, etc ready and practice how it will go. This is
the biggest glue job yet and is pretty intimidating! Decided to go ahead and steam the forward longerons including the
laminate strips before glueing them. Started steaming and am about half done. While steaming was going on, started on
the rear diaphragms. Had to remake a couple of the pieces as some of the parts made from the templates didn't fit very
well. Also started on the little longerons that go into the bottom of the tail around the tail wheel opening. Clamped a
big sheet of 1/16" plywood around part of the fuselage to see how it will look.
September 21 2009 2.0 - 684.5 total. Continued steaming forward section of longerons. Rough cut another new piece
for the rear lower diaphragm.