Fuselage (page 32)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 23 2010 2.0hrs - 1100.5 hrs total. Finished
dry fitting SB upper stringer from BH-11 to 14. Glued
in both port and SB upper stringers. Sanded the glue
joints on the fuel tank rail that I couldn't get to while the
jig was in place. Sanded glue overlap areas on forward
and back side of firewall.
October 24 2010 1.5hrs - 1102.0 total. Removed
clamps from stringers and sanded down the glue joints.
October 25 2010 1.0hrs - 1103.0 total. Pulled the plans
for the control column and dropped off with a local
machinist to get started building it for me.
October 28 2010 2.0hrs - 1105.0 total. Sanded down
outer profile of port fuel tank longeron. Sanded bevel
off rear face of rudder box to fit flush on BH-8.
Fuselage with jig just removed.
Fuselage out of jig for first time
October 29 2010 1.0hrs - 1106.0 total. Started fitting SB upper stringer from BH-11 towards the tail.
October 30 2010 2.0hrs - 1108.0 total. Finished SB upper stringer from BH-11 back to 19.  Can't finish installing
this stringer (on both sides) until the horiz stab is permanently installed.  So I ran it as far as I could - to about BH-19,
then cut it short and sanded in preparation for a future scarf joint when the rest of the stringer can be installed. Started
on port side.
October 31 2010 1.5hrs - 1109.5 total. Sealed underside of cockpit floor, forward side of BH-11 under the floor, and
the remaining portions of the firewall (front and back). Later added second coat.
Stringers glued in place - port and SB.
November 4 2010 3.5 hrs - 1113.0 total. Put two coats of paint on areas just sealed. Finished fitting port stringer.
Glued in port and SB stringers back through BH-19 but stopping about 1" in front of BH-20 to allow the horiz stab
to be installed later. These stringers are supposed to continue back further, but can't be installed till after the stab is in
place so I pre-scarfed the ends and will scarf the remainder of the stringers in place after the stab is installed.
November 5 2010 5.5hrs - 1118.5 total. Removed clamps, sanded all the new glue joints, plus several other areas that
I had touched up with the thickened epoxy.  Sanded all the BH to top longeron glue joints. Dis final shaping and
sanding of top longeron in preparation for applying skin. Did some test bending and clamping of skin pieces over the
top of the fuselage.  Pretty tight bend. May need to steam it a bit when the time comes. Sanded the edge of the
painted and sealed areas on BH-15 to 20 in preparation for sealing.
November 7 2010 6.0hrs - 1191.5 total. Finished sanding all exposed glue joints forward of BH-20. Put two coats of
epoxy sealer on upper portions of BH-15 to 19 and stringers and longerons in that area.
November 24 2010 1.0hrs - 1192.5 total. Put first coat of paint on newly sealed areas.
December 18 2010 2.5hrs - 1195.0 total. Made paper template for cutting skin for top sections of fuselage. Due to
slight curve of top longeron I'll need separate panels for each section. Cut the first one and tried steaming it.